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What's New?

10/12/14: Just for fun I uploaded my race statistics. In other non-musical exploits, I finally made it around the block on the unicycle.

10/03/14: I just got word that Baker Books has accepted my new book for publication. The working title is Basic Worship: A Guide to the Fundamentals. And as my "everyone loves Greg" week continued, I found out that GIA will be publishing two of my recent anthems: "Jesus, Lord of Life and Glory" and "Jesus, Lover of My Soul."

08/28/14: My friend Carlos Colón wrote a beautiful song named "Vencerá el Amor" which appears in the new MorningStar collection Within the Seasons of Our Lives. I provided the English translation, "Love Shall Overcome."

08/22/14: I reconfigured my congregational song lists, separating Psalm songs and "re-tuned" hymns into new pages. Each of these pages also includes a short "greatest hits" list at the top. I think this will make navigation easier, but would be happy to hear your feedback.

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