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06/24/15: Late notice, but if you're in Grand Rapids today (Wednesday), join me in the Day of Learning at Calvin College. Lots of great workshops starting at 12:30pm. Friday I'll head to Cedar Campus in the Upper Penninsula June 26 - July 1, 2015 for "Great God of Wonders: A Celebration of Scripture, Song, and Splendor." Then I come back to Grand Rapids to attend the NPM (National Pastoral Musicians) national conference. Come say hi!

05/28/15: Do you follow me on Twitter? I think you should.

05/05/15: Kwake Yesu Nasimama/Here on Jesus Christ I Will Stand for SATB choir and piano has just been released on GIA. I'm really excited about this one. It's a favorite among Kenyan Christians and it has become a heart song to many Americans as well. A choral octavo will introduce it to a whole new audience.

04/14/15: Preparing for my upcoming trip to Indonesia, April 22 - May 2, where I will speak at conferences in Jakarta and Malang. If you are in the area, I'd love to see you at one of the events. Here's my schedule (click on the link for a flyer):

03/15/15: GIA and I are on a roll with a new anthem out this week: Jesus, Lover of My Soul for SATB choir and piano.

03/06/15: Prepping for my trip to Ripon, CA next week. I'll be leading workshops all day Saturday, a Psalm Festival on Sunday evening, and a global song chapel at Ripon Christian High on Monday. Spread the word if you know people in the area.

03/04/15: Worship Leader magazine just published a short article I wrote: "The Psalms: Using the Church's Oldest Liturgy, Today" (March/April 2015, p28.)

01/27/15: GIA just released my choral arrangement of the Arabic Lord's Prayer, "Abana." Perfect timing: it will be sung in the final service of the Calvin Worship Symposium and will be available for purchase at the GIA table in the Covenant Fine Arts Center.

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